Thursday, January 22, 2009

Elisse B. Walter Acting Chair of SEC

The SEC Commissioners webpage was updated today (Jan. 22) to add "Acting Chairman since 2009" below Commissioner Elisse B. Walter's name. Props to's Broc Romanek who commented on recent developments in his blog today and posted on Twitter a link to Bruce Carton's Enforcement Action Blog post in Compliance Week.

Carton's post, entitled, For Those Still Waiting for the 'Chairman Cox Has Resigned' Press Release, states that he was told by an (unnamed) SEC official that "appointments are announced by the White House, and the White House has announced that Elisse Walter is the Acting Chairman."

As previously reported, confirmation hearings took place last week in the Senate Banking Committee for SEC Chairman-Designate Mary L. Schapiro. The nomination is pending a full Senate vote.

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