Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SEC To Meet Next Week On Possible Concept Release On Proxy Voting

Earlier today, the SEC issued a Sunshine Act Notice, stating the commission will meet on Wed. July 14 at 10 am to:
consider whether to issue a concept release to solicit public comment as to whether the Commission should consider revisions to its rules to promote greater efficiency and transparency in the U.S. proxy system and enhance the accuracy and integrity of the shareholder vote.

The meeting will be open to observation by the public (bloggers, twitterers, et al, although maybe not Oprah, Ashton, or Larry King), but folks like, and legal and compliance bloggers will probably be following the commissioners' debate carefully, and the open commission meeting will also be webcast.

Readers new to the FEI blog, see also our earlier post about today's FEI Hall of Fame announcement.

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1 comment:

Nate said...

Thanks for the update. I'm surprised that the celebrities won't be there. Why would they want to miss out on such an an exciting opportunity?

Thanks for all the updates.