Monday, April 18, 2011

Gotta Love (the End of) Tax Season

It's April 18, do you know where your IRS Form 1040 is? Today is the deadline to file individual tax returns in the U.S. (or Form 4868 to apply for an extension of the filing date - but not the payment date). 11th hour filers, check out Did you know the IRS has expanded the number of ways it can reach out and touch you? Check out the IRS' New Media page which offers links to the IRS YouTube channel and IRS on Twitter. (BTW, check out FEIblog on YouTube, and FEI blog on Twitter.) Those of you who have filed your returns (or extensions), and particularly those of you who are CPAs celebrating the end of tax season, here's some things you may enjoy:
And, don't forget to check out your 2010 Federal Taxpayer Receipt !

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