Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top 10 Posts of 2009

As we enter 2010, we thought we'd respond to a suggestion made by one of our readers to provide a Top 10 list of our most popular - and favorite - blog posts in the FEI blog in 2009.

Top 10 FEI blog posts in 2009, by number of pageviews (from #1 to #10):

  1. FASB Issues FAS 166, 167 Amending FAS 140, FIN 46R on Securitizations, SPEs
  2. FASB Releases FAS 165, Subsequent Events
  3. Testimony Posted for Mark-to-Market Hearing; Sen. Dodd Considers 'Breakers,' Niederauer Sees MTM as 'Gas on a Fire'
  4. IASB Releases IFRS 9 - Financial Instruments (Completes 1st Phase of Project: Classification & Measurement)
  5. FAS 166, 167 Putting the Kibosh on Q's Expected This Week; SEC Forms Investor Advisory Committee
  6. SEC's 'Dear CFO' Letter on MD&A Disclosure of Loan Loss Provisions, ALLL
  7. Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act (FERA) Picks Up Speed; Madoff Update
  8. FASB Releases 'Plain English' Statement on Fair Value Actions
  9. FASB Issues FSP EITF 99-20-1 on Impairment of Financial Instruments (OTTI)
  10. FASB Stakes Claim on Disclosure of Litigation Contingencies
Top 10 FEI blog posts in 2009 - my personal favorites
Note: I found it difficult to narrow down my 'favorites' to just 10 posts, so I narrowed it down to 10 categories, some with multiple posts. The listings within each category generally represent my favorite posts on that topic in 2009 (with a few non-favorites thrown in to provide historical/chronological context within some of the more detailed categories); however the lists below are not a comprehensive list of all posts we made on any particular topic. (Note: I have excluded from the list a few posts that are among my personal favorites, but relate to holidays or other particular events.) Categories are listed in alphabetical order; posts within categories are generally listed chronologically.

1. Credit Crisis, Financial Regulatory Reform; Related SEC Actions

2. Fair value/mark-to-market accounting; loan loss accounting:

3. International Financial Reporting Standards and Convergence

4. Leadership

5. Legal:

6. Madoff:

7. Private companies:

8. Sarbanes-Oxley, PCAOB, and COSO

9. Social Media:

10. Standard-Setting:

More Lists
We thank one of our blog readers, Prof. David Albrecht, author of The Summa, for his suggestion (received via Twitter) to provide a Top 10 list of our 2009 posts; see his own top 10 list for his blog, in Best of The Summa 2009.

Separately, published a number of "Best of..." lists of their 2009 coverage of various topics; see e.g.'s Best of 2009: Accounting.

[UPDATE: Another great list, which I found when catching up on year-end emails, was the one posted by Bill Sheridan on Dec. 31 in the Maryland Association of CPAs (MACPA) blog, CPA Success, entitled, The Mother of All Year-End Lists.]

Looking ahead, (as we noted in our post on Dec. 21), see also FEI President & CEO's List of Top Challenges for Financial Executives in 2010.

It would be intriguing to see other bloggers and writers post top 10 lists of their most popular and/or favorite posts from 2009, and/or their lists of what they anticipate the top challenges for 2010 to be. I encourage other bloggers and writers who publish such lists to post a comment below, linking to their list. We also welcome general feedback from readers; you can post a comment anonymously, or with your name.

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Francine McKenna said...

Is that a hint? I have been quite lazy this holiday period, but plan to come out of the gate running with some things I've been working on quietly, stealthily. Is that a word? Thanks so much for all of your support and encouragement throughout the year, Edith. You are near the top of my Top Ten amazing, smart and wonderfully kind and generous people.

Anonymous said...

Edith, you cheat! 10 categories?

Best of The Summa (2009)

Dave Albrecht

Edith Orenstein said...

Francine, thanks very much for your comment and being a great colleague (what do we call ourselves, 'fellow' bloggers?)

Dave, would it help if I said my method of narrowing down to a 'top 10' was principles-based? I can already see you shaking your head 'no' across the miles ... :) Thanks for the challenge, though, and I hope others follow your lead.

Sara McIntosh said...


Thanks for the invitation to link to our 2009 top ten accounting/finance blog posts.

Here's mine:

Thanks Dave for coming up with the challenge in the first place.

Happy New Year!

Sara McIntosh

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