Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No Shortage of Opinion on Fan, Fred Rescue

Extensive coverage continues today on the government’s rescue of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (see our post yesterday for background). The developments remain front page news – the story is also being played out on the opinion pages (including an op-ed by Presidential candidate John McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin.) Here are some links (all published today unless otherwise indicated), we may add more later…:

Mortgage Bailout Is Greeted With Relief, Fresh Questions –Deborah Solomon, Michael Corkery and Liz Rappaport, front pg WSJ

Mortgage Giant's Future: A Rebuild or a Tear-Down - by Stephen Labaton and Edmund L. Andrews, front pg NYT

Rescue of Mortgage Giants Displays Paulson's Clout (title in some hard copy editions slightly different: Paulson's Influence Displayed in Fannie and Freddie Rescue) - by Sheryl Gay Stolberg, front pg NYT

An Itchy Finger on the Trigger of a Bazooka - by Andrew Ross Sorkin

Who Else Can Pile on for a Federal Rescue? by Nelson D. Schwartz, NYT

A Financial Veteran Brings Wall Street and Washington to Job at Fannie Mae [re: newly named CEO, Herb Allison] - by Jenny Anderson, NYT Sept. 7

A Former Finance Chief Takes the Realm at Freddie Mac [re: newly named CEO David Moffett] - by Eric Dash, NYT Sept 7


We'll Protect Taxpayers From More Bailouts - WSJ.com – Opinion column by John McCain and Sarah Palin – WSJ

Mr. Paulson’s Bailout – Wash Post Editorial

Fannie Mae’s Patron Saint – WSJ Editorial

The Bailout’s Big Lessons – NYT Editorial

The End is Nigh for Fannie and Freddie - FT editorial

On another topic, here's an item that appeared in yesterday's WSJ on accounting:

Closing the Information GAAP, by L. Gordon Crovitz, in Sept. 8 WSJ

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