Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama, McCain, and the 21st Century

This month’s cover story in Financial Executive Magazine, “Obama or McCain: Who’s Best for Corporate Coffers?” by Stephen Barlas provides “insights on what U.S. businesses can expect — beginning on Jan. 20, 2009 — Day One of the new administration..” looking at scenarios under the Democratic and Republican candidates for President. (NOTE: If you are not an FEI member, you will be prompted to create a free, online login account to read magazine online.)

SEC’s 21st Century Disclosure Initiative
SEC Chairman Christopher Cox announced in August (at a press conference immediately preceding SEC’s August IFRS-GAAP roundtable) "Our
21st Century Disclosure Initiative is going to be the focus of an Oct. 8 roundtable, [regarding] our initiative to thoroughly reconsider the way the SEC gets information from public companies and makes it available to investors, so that we’ll have the best possible system for the 21st century that takes advantage of technology and gets information to investors even faster, cheaper, and more effectively and in more useful form than ever before."

See also project leader
Dr. William Lutz' comments at an Aug. 19 press conference.

Earlier this week, Broc Romanek provided some very interesting insights on what may be in store for this project, citing information from a summary published by former SEC Corp Fin Director Alan Beller and former SEC Commissioner Joe Grundfest, as well as his own views. See his post in Blog.

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