Friday, June 12, 2009

Maryland Business Expo June 16-17, 2009

Maryland Business Expo, sponsored by the Maryland Association of CPAs (MACPA) takes place June 16-17, 2009.

FEI's Baltimore Chapter, along with the Maryland Chamber of Commerce and various other associations, joins with MACPA as an association sponsor of the conference. I'm especially looking forward to panels featuring former FEI President & CEO Colleen Cunningham, and FEI members Ken Kelly, Bob Laux, Tom Foard, and Bob Tarola. I'm also looking forward to the Social Media panel I'll be speaking on, moderated by MACPA's Electronic Communications Manager, Bill Sheridan, featuring writers/bloggers including CPA Trendlines' Rick Telberg, Re:TheAuditors' Francine McKenna, Alexandra DeFelice - Journal of Accountancy; Bill Kennedy, author of the Energized Accounting Blog, representing AccountingWeb's social media strategy through blogs, twitter and more; and Will Burns of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. Other professionals who spread the word regarding their work by using social media who you'll hear on that panel or elsewhere in the conference include CyberCPA/Computer CPA Eric E. Cohen, MACPA member James Carroll; AccountingTomorrow's Liz Gold, and Analyst's Accounting Observer Jack Ciesielski, author of the AAOweblog. And of course, our host, MACPA Executive Director Tom Hood!

On Monday, preceding the conference, I'm joining some other folks on CPA Island in Second Life, as we participate in a MACPA presentation being beamed live at the AICPA Tech+ conference, described in the CPA Island blog. (MACPA built CPA Island, an island in the virtual world of Second Life created by Linden Labs, where you can hold meetings, conference, or do other stuff you'd do if you could build your own place on an island and call it your own. See snaphots of CPA Island outdoors, and CPA Island indoors, which I took early this morning.)

There's lots more going on at the Maryland Business Expo June 16-17 at the Baltimore Convention Center - for more info go to or on twitter

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