Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taxing Times; 'Living Life Post-Subprime'

Lest you forgot that today - April 15 - is the deadline to file your personal income tax return if you are subject to U.S. tax, the IRS helpfully issued this notice last week: Can't Make the April 15 Deadline? Get an Extension with Free File. Interestingly, the notice includes a link to IRS Videos on YouTube. Maybe some of you marked the day at a Tea Party or Coffee Party.

Those of you who sauntered over to the main post office in NYC earlier today to postmark your tax returns by the April 15 deadline may have caught the annual live performance by Steven Zelin, The Singing CPA. If you missed it, check out his website and his youtube channel. (And, he's available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, conferences and corporate events!) If you want to celebrate the filing of your return, receipt (or impending receipt) of a refund, or anything else for that matter, and you're in NYC tomorrow evening (April 16) Zelin will also be performing, along with singer-songwriter-producer Rob Taube (producer of a certain Second Life music video previously premiered in this blog), and other singer-songwriters, at 7pm Friday April 16 at The Sidewalk Cafe, 94 Ave. A at East 6th Street, NYC.

Living Life Post-Subprime
Further on the topic of musical interludes mixed with a dash of accounting, some very exciting news for those of you who follow former Thomson Reuters reporter Emily Pickrell (currently working for Global Water Intelligence magazine, based in the UK) and BNA reporter Steven Burkholder, both of whom are among the top reporters on the FASB beat: Pickrell and Burkholder joined forces to write and record a song called Living Life Post-Subprime, which you can download on Pickrell's website,

Pickrell and Burkholder shared some interesting stories with me as I tried to connect a 3-way call across two continents recently via my home fax machine (which gave me access to call the UK) and my home phone (which I didn't realize was restricted to US calls only) about some of their parallel paths covering the FASB and how their shared interest in music and songwriting came about, Pickrell's concept that while the subprime crisis had been infinitely written about, the concept of what life is like post-subprime for the average person had not been as well covered/expressed (which led to the writing of "Living Life Post-Subprime"), their separate recording sessions at the studio, and more. Living Life Post-Subprime is just one of 5 songs on Pickrell's CD, I encourage you to check it out at her website linked above, and I hope to hear of some live peformances by Pickrell and Burkholder in the future!

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Edith Orenstein said...

Congrats to The Singing CPA whose Tax Day performance was highlighted in an article by Clyde Haberman of the New York Times, published on Friday, April 16, 2010 (page A20), entitled: "Tax Day Outside New York’s Main Post Office: Now, That’s Entertainment." The NYT article can be found here: