Friday, July 8, 2011

IASB Funding, Due Process, Agenda and More in IFRSF Annual Report

The IASB's (technically, its parent organization, the IFRS Foundation's) funding and financial position, 2010 report of its Due Process Oversight Committee, a list of countries that permit or require IFRS (or, like the U.S., are in the process of reaching that decision), and an update on projects on the IASB's technical agenda are among the highlights that can be found in the IFRS Foundation's Annual Report, published today.

Another key highlight is the Report of the Chairman of the IASB, written just prior to year-end 6/30, by then-Chairman Sir David Tweedie. The observations he makes as to the IASB's development over his 10-year tenure as chair make for very good reading, and should perhaps be required reading, particularly by students of accounting, as well as practitioners.

See also our related posts on yesterday's SEC IFRS Roundable, and on our April 13 post on highlights of the FAF (parent of the FASB & GASB's) Annual Report.

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