Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Blockbusters!

Amidst the summer blockbuster season, with fare like the final Harry Potter movie which opened today, setting a record in midnight opening ticket sales, and other top box office hits, the FEI Financial Reporting Blog has announced the upcoming release of its second 'music video' about accounting.

Slated for release the last week in July, the FEI blog's 2011 music video features a star turn by Steven Zelin, "The Singing CPA." The audio was recorded under the outstanding direction of Rob Taube of Rob Taube Words and Music, and the video is being shot by the talented videographer, Glenora ("Glennie") Blackshire.
Similar to the FEI blog's 2010 music video, this year's production will feature a parody of a well-known song, with a slight 'twist' about financial accounting and regulatory reporting. New this year: the music video will feature live footage of the performance, and other surprises.

Watch last year's video, and watch for the release later this month of the FEI blog's 2011 music video on the FEI Blog's youtube channel, and watch for updates in the FEI Blog.

Included in this post are some photos taken at the audio recording session.

Photos credit: Merrill Reich

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