Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Obama Proposes International Tax Reform

Yesterday, President Barack Obama presented his plan for international tax policy reform. This plan includes two major planks: 'getting tough on overseas tax havens,' and 'replacing tax advantages for creating jobs overseas with incentives to create them at home.' Read more in:

White House Fact Sheet: Leveling the Playing Field: Curbing Tax Havens and Removing Tax Incentives for Shifting Jobs Overseas
The President's Remarks
U.S. Treasury Department Press Release

Additionally, the White House Blog includes link to video of yesterday's press conference, and provides a link to the White House's account on Twitter www.twitter.com/WhiteHouse ! Did you know the FEI Financial Reporting Blog is now on Twitter? Follow us at www.twitter.com/FEIblog . If you'd like to receive our blog by email, send an email to blogs@financialexecutives.org and write in Subject line: Sign up.

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