Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You've Got Mail-From The President-On Health Care Reform

It's not every day that an email arrives with the sender name "President Barack Obama" but that's just what happened a few moments ago; as currently shown on, President Obama sent his first email from the White House to announce that he and leadership of the House of Representatives have set a goal of July 31 for passage of legislation pertainingn to Health Care Reform. Further information is posted at .

Separately, FEI's Senior Director of Government Affairs, Matt Miller tells us that earlier this week, the U.S. Treasury Department announced the release of its "General Explanations of the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2010 Revenue Proposals." Also known as the "Greenbook," the document describes the Administration's tax proposals.

In addition, Miller notes, the White House Office of Management and Budget released the annual Analytical Perspectives, which lists and briefly describes the tax proposals in the President's FY 2010 budget. (The full document is 430 pages.) Here is a 16-page excerpt of the tax provisions. See links to the President's transmittal letter and related information here.

If you are interested in FEI's Government Affairs activity, contact Miller at , or contact Serena Davila, FEI's Director of Public Affairs, at if you have questions pertaining to FEI's Committee on Benefits Finance (CBF).

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Jim Wall said...

Edith, Thank you for bearing the burden of being on politicians email lists for the benefit of the rest of us. The President reportedly has an impressive email list, likely second only to a Nigerian Prince that is looking for some help getting his money out of the country. For perspective, as a junior banker friend of mine once told me after he had just left a dinner with David Rockefeller, "Yes, it was just David and I and three hundred of his most recent friends".